Marketing Portfolio

Ryan Mandell is a publicist and copywriter. He has done publicity for BigSpeak, The Santa Barbara Consciousness Network, Salty Girls Seafood, SCAPE, and Lovejoy’s Pickle Room. Copy writing clients include The Millennial Entrepreneur Network, Bona Fide Craft Draft Brewing Co., and The Prosperity Girl.

Below is a list of copy and recent press breaks:

Hospice Art Exhibit Reflects Artist’s Own ‘Visual Journey’

Santa Barbara Based BigSpeak Promotes Girls Scouts’ Entrepreneurial Spirit and to Think Big!

Santa Barbara Consciousness Network

The Millennial Entrepreneur Network

Big Speak Blog: Democratic Debate Breakdown: How the Dems Could Affect Your Business Growth in 2017

Salty Girl Seafood Tables at Catalyst Arts Fest at Isla Vista Food Co-op:

Press Release for Salty Girl Seafood: Sustainable SeafoodnbspEasy


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